Private Events

Are you looking for a professional and affordable valet service for specific, private events, such as birthday parties, fundraising and anniversaries? We’re here to help! Our staff will welcome each guest on behalf of your special event, unless you prefer to handle greetings and first impressions differently. After all, we always ensure we remember that it is YOUR BIG event and that YOUR needs are met first and foremost. Our valet attendants are professionals, of course - all of them have clean driving records and are expertly trained. Your guests’ vehicles will be in safe hands.

We see it as our job to provide excellent customer service. We do all we can to ensure that your guests arrive and leave in a happy and satisfied manner.

When you book with Marin Valet, we ensure that you are always in the driving seat. We keep you continuously informed throughout the process about your valet services and how we plan to operate.

We strive to exceed your expectations.

We arrive half an hour before your event begins - giving us ample time to set up our valet equipment. We confirm our location via text message, so as to ensure your process is not disrupted.

What about the chaos that usually ensues upon your event finishing? Well, your guests will easily be able to identify their vehicle later in the evening!

All guests will be met at the first point of entry by our Greeter Attendant who will hand them a valet ticket with a unique ID number. This makes finding their car in a busy, packed parking lot a worry of the past. They need only specify their number and their car will be returned to them.

If you need any additional information, simply fill up the form and we can provide a customized quote for you straight away! All Marin Valet needs is some key details about your parking situation so we can devise a proper service specifically tailored to your needs; ensuring that we direct the flow of traffic in a streamlined, faster, but ultimately safe manner.